The Translators’ Residency 2016

The Translators’ Residency 2016

Wednesday 20.7

Borderlife: Featuring Dorit Rabinyan and the book’s translators from around the world

This year, the first residency program for translators in Israel hosts all the translators of the novel Borderlife.

Rabinyan and her translators will talk about the novel, the art of translating, and the transference of the book into Polish, English, Italian, German, French, Dutch and more.


Dorit Rabinyan, the novel’s author

Prof. Evan Fallenberg, translator and the residency program’s artistic director

The translators of the book

Moderator: Liad Mudrik

Musical accompaniment: Miriam Tokan 

  • The event will be held in English
  • The event is free, however advance registration is required
  • Program is subject to change
  • Sponsored by: Mifal HaPayis, The Beracha Foundation, Culture Administration, The Jerusalem Foundation
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