Translators’ Residency 2022

Translators’ Residency 2022

Monday 11.7
De Botton Auditorium, Mishkenot Sha'ananim Cultural Center

"How to Love your Daughter" : On Hila Blum's book

Hila Blum's book, How to Love Your Daughter, for which she received the Sapir Award, is the focus of the translators' residency program this year.  The book has been purchased for translation into some twenty languages.  On stage, Goel Pinto will host the translators, who will read from the book in their languages, and speak with Blum and Daniella London-Dekel about the lesser-spoken sides of motherhood. 

Artistic director:Liran Golod

The translators taking part in this year’s program are Agnieszka Podpora (Polish), Daniella Zamir (English), Andrea Weiss Sadeh (Croatian), Silvia Singer (Slovak), Maggie Cohen (Greek), Ana Maria Bejarano (Spanish), Ruth Achlama (German), and Alessandra Shomroni (Italian).

  • The event will be held in Hebrew.
  • Places are unmarked.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the offices of Eventer at *6627.

Supported by The Beracha Foundation 



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Illustrations: Sarit Evrani

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