Save As - Cultural Excursion

Save As - Cultural Excursion

Thursday 10.11
Mishkenot Sha'ananim Cultural Center

A multidisciplinary cultural event

19:30 At the Parliament with Liat Har Lev (“Eretz Nehederet”)

How did the brilliant characters of Esti the Pious, Irena from the Parliament, Salma the Pharmacist and Lihi Hashtag come to be? Actress Liat Har Lev in an intimate conversation about the sources of her inspiration, from theater to Eretz Nehederet’s wacky newscast.

Host: Hila Goldenberg

20:30 The Genetics of the Imagination

Poetry is mostly written in isolation, but impressions from other poems, places and relationships echo in it. Poets talk about the people who’ve influenced their work the most. Featuring Shlomi Hatuka, Tal Nitzan, Shlomit Naim Naor, Elad Zeret, Amichai Chasson and Maya Tevet Dayan.

Host: Mishy Harman

In conjunction with Jerusalem Story – a line of storytelling events from Israel Story.

20:45 And I Saw a Cypress

Dubi, Rivka and Yasminish in an open conversation at the auditorium. The Brosh family (featured in the cult theater show “Michael”) talk about onion quiche, television stars, and the eraser collection that has inspired them and brought them to this point. Featuring Avi Dangur, Hila Goldenberg and Meital Raz. Host: Eli Haviv 

22:00 Masterclass with Leily – Gal Toren & Guy Levi

The two musicians and Jerusalemite childhood friends talk about the different paths their sources of inspiration led them down, and give us a taste of the music they made together after years of working separately.

Throughout the evening: 

Talk to Me

A woman sits in a chair in an unseen room. She makes a clear, intimate, not unremarkable request: Talk to me. Really talk to me, in this moment that will never come again, in which two people sit opposite one another, and each opposite themselves.

Created by: Maya Buenos and Eyal Levit

Date with a Poet

Poet Orit Gidali invites couples to a conversation at at bar, at the end of which she’ll write a poem for them – about love, hardship, overcoming or celebration. Their own poem. Written for them. The poem they need to hear. 


Words suggested by the audience in real time will be formed into new, original poems by poet Tzachi Avinoam and video artist Arik Futterman.

By Eye

Choreographer Michal Ben Lior and her brother, flamenco-jazz guitarist Dan Ben Lior (Madrid) have created a dance performance inspired by their unforgettable grandmother, who always remains with them in spirit wherever they go. The duo will invite the audience to recall inspirational moments with family members, and translate them into the language of music and dance.

Soul Food

Dwiny Pita Bar come straight from the market with colorful, heartwarming pitas and cheerful drinks. 

  • The ticket includes entry to all events. Admission to shows that take place in areas with limited space will be allowed on the basis of available space.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the offices of Eventer, tel. *6627.
  • Some of the events will take place outdoors, so we recommend warm attire.
  • The program is subject to change.

The event is supported by the Jerusalem Municipality  


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Illustrations: Sarit Evrani

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