A Room of His Own: A Special Event Inspired by Author Haim Hazaz

A Room of His Own: A Special Event Inspired by Author Haim Hazaz

Tuesday 22.6
De Botton Auditorium, Mishkenot Sha'ananim Cultural Center

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Haim Hazaz Room at Mishkenot Sha'ananim, we will hold an event that illustrates the special character of the first Israel Prize for Literature laureate and one of the greatest Hebrew writers of all time. People from all walks of life, from renowned leaders, writers, and intellectuals to downtrodden workers—the same human mosaic that Hazaz depicted so wonderfully in words—have been hosted in this room.

Through readings of passages from books and other texts, rare recordings, and archival materials, we will explore the fascinating figure of Haim Hazaz, an exemplary Hebrew writer.

Speakers: Ronny Someck, Dr. Gil Weisblei

Readings and vocals: Moni Moshonov, Micha Selektar, Ola Schur Selektar, Nathan Slor, Raz Shmueli

Piano: Nadav Rubinstein

Content Editing: Einat Besser

  • Guided tours of the Hazaz room will take place at 17:15 and 17:30. The number of tickets for tours is limited and registration in advance is required. Register Here
  • Doors open at 17:30. The event begins at 18:00.
  • Ticket price is 30 NIS, including entry to the event and a tour of the Hazaz Room.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the offices of Eventer, tel. *6627
  • The Hazaz Room is a joint venture of the Jerusalem Foundation, the Haim Hazaz Memorial Foundation, and Mishkenot Sha'ananim.
  • Tickets can only be purchased in advance on the website and/or by phone.

  • Tickets will not be sold on the day of the event.

  • You may enter the complex upon presentation of an order confirmation (printed or on your mobile phone).

  • The instructions of the ushers must be obeyed, and the guidelines of the Ministry of Health must be followed.


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