Final of the Hebrew Poetry Quiz for Youth

Final of the Hebrew Poetry Quiz for Youth

Thursday 22.12
18:00 - 20:00
De Botton Auditorium, Mishkenot Sha'ananim Cultural Center

17:30 Doors open

18:00 Lighting of Hanukkah candles

18:30 Final begins

The Hebrew Poetry Quiz for Young People, now in its second year, is a proficiency test of Hebrew poetry for young people from all over the country. It is intended to remind youth of the great, formative words that thrilled and still thrill whole generations, and bring them into the present, returning them to our lips and making them part of everyday conversation.

Competitors will receive a reading list of poems from twenty Hebrew poets they must recite by heart. The winners in the first three places will receive monetary prizes and a set of poetry collections.

Judges: Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld, Amichai Hasson, Yael Guri

Quizmaster: Nadav Halperin

Guest of Honor: The poet, winner of the Israel Prize Erez Biton

Musical accompaniment: Tamar Schechter



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Illustrations: Sarit Evrani

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