Friday 19.3

A series of intimate encounters with Roni Kuban

A moment before the elections for the Knesset, Roni Kuban goes to talk with three authors about the choices that shaped their lives and choices involved in the writing process. How do you choose to be a writer? How do you create a character? And how do you write an end to a story? The conversations will be broadcast on Mishkenot Sha’ananim’s Facebook page.


16/3 Every Writer is Always a Traitor: A Conversation with Haim Be’er 

In a conversation with Haim Be’er, we’ll hear about his old dream of becoming a ‘boss’s driver,’ the internal struggle that takes place when he has to kill the main character in a book, the personal cost of writing, and the connection between the book writing process and the last season of the series Ninja Israel.

17/3 Life-Size Literature: A Conversation with Noa Yedlin

Noa Yedlin and Roni Kuban talk about the difference between literary and flesh-and-blood characters, the sense of difference that accompanies the protagonists of all her books, the resemblance between her and Asa Fogel, the protagonist of her book The Landlady, and the reason she’ll never cross a road on a red light.

18/3 The Genetics of Writing: A Conversation with Lior Dayan 

A conversation with Lior Dayan about the “Assi Dayan Index” he invented to measure happiness, irreversible deals with the devil, the choice to clean up every day anew, imagination and reality in the new series he wrote, and one surprising app that helps him when he has decisions to make.

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Illustrations: Sarit Evrani

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