Save As  27/10

Save As 27/10

Wednesday 27.10
Mishkenot Sha'ananim Cultural Center

Cultural wandering between influence and inspiration

19:30 Kutiman, an Inspirational Encounter
The unique artist Kutiman in conversation with Itay Mautner about the Thru You project. In 2009, Kutiman released “Thru You,” an online project that combined music and video and reached over a million views in less than a week. The project represented a breakthrough in the world of free content and the way art is distributed. We will hear about his creative process and the stories behind the songs and the participants.
20:00 Monologue Stage
Seven artists from different creative realms will take the stage for intimate monologues about the sweeping paths that shaped their identities as artists. Featuring Gon Ben Ari, Victoria Hanna, Uzi Navon, Lior Dayan, Noam Partom, Orian Morris, Neta Weiner, and Navit Barel.
20:00 Literary speed dating
Intimate eye-level encounters with writers in the beautiful guest rooms of Mishkenot Sha’ananim. Equipped with a pile of poetry books, Lior Dayan, Noam Partom, and Nadav Halperin will conduct a series of literary conversations with the festival’s visitors, at the end of which they will dedicate a poem to them.
21:00 Noam Helfer, the Language of Sampling
Noam Helfer, a sound and experience artist, will take you on a listening journey in the world of sampling and other manipulations.

21:00 Chen and Monit Shilat, Mirror Exercise
A dance performance
Throughout the evening:
Poetic Pharmacy
Songs rolled up in medicine bottles, manufactured, and packaged to treat a variety of symptoms. Go to the counter and word pharmacist Avishai Huri will provide you with a literary prescription from the great writers: Margaret Atwood, Rachel Halfi, Natan Alterman, Amir Gilboa, and others.
Main Food Groups
Jerusalem food expert Eyal Assulin from Aso Studio will come to Mishkenot with a special stand where you can enjoy food and drinks at reasonable prices. Eyal will present dishes inspired by poetry, literature, and other words.
A poetry performance on packing crates. Oren Eilam.

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  • The ticket includes entry to all events on the selected date(s). Admission to shows that take place in areas with limited space will be allowed on the basis of available space.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the offices of Eventer, tel. *6627.
  • Entry will be allowed only with a certificate of recovery or vaccination or a negative COVID test performed 24 hours before the date of entry.
  • You are required to wear a mask indoors and follow the Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Some of the events will take place outdoors, so we recommend warm attire.
  • The program is subject to change.

The event is supported by the Jerusalem Municipality  



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