Save As  28/10

Save As 28/10

Thursday 28.10
Mishkenot Sha'ananim Cultural Center

Cultural wandering between influence and inspiration

19:30 Masquerade Ball
An unapologetic and shameless show full of praise for impersonating poetry. With poets Yaacov bitton, Emanuel Yitzchak Levi, Shani Poker and Roman Eisenberg.
20:30 Riff Cohen, Inspirational Meeting
An opportunity to dive into the music of a unique artist and discover the sources of her influence and inspiration from her childhood on the border between the Ajami neighborhood and Monte Carlo, through texts her grandmother wrote for her, to songs that have not yet been published.
Throughout the evening:
Main Food Groups
Jerusalem food expert Eyal Assulin from Aso Studio will come to Mishkenot with a special stand where you can enjoy food and drinks at reasonable prices. Eyal will present dishes inspired by poetry, literature, and other words.
Represents singing on boxes. Oren Eilam.
The evening will be closed by DJ Bamya, a DJ and Jerusalem producer, with a special set in an atmosphere of influences and inspirations from around the world.

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  • The ticket includes entry to all events on the selected date(s). Admission to shows that take place in areas with limited space will be allowed on the basis of available space.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the offices of Eventer, tel. *6627.
  • Entry will be allowed only with a certificate of recovery or vaccination or a negative COVID test performed 24 hours before the date of entry.
  • You are required to wear a mask indoors and follow the Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Some of the events will take place outdoors, so we recommend warm attire.
  • The program is subject to change.

The event is supported by the Jerusalem Municipality  


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Illustrations: Sarit Evrani

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