Exile, redemption, and messianism are central motifs in the literary works of Haim Hazaz, which continue to reverberate not only in the nationalistic atmosphere that developed in the pre-State period, but also within Israeli society of our days.


“The Jerusalem Syndrome” is one of the results of the encounter between these profound concepts in the socio-geographical context of Jerusalem: a significant connection in the works of Hazaz and the works of additional artists of his time.


We invite you for two days of events and lectures that follow the “Hazaz Syndrome” in literature, films, the visual arts, and intellectual history.


Participants: Dan Miron, Michal Bat-Adam, David Ohana, Yonatan Meir, Amitai Mendelsohn, Gil Weissblei, Dwora Gilula, Leah Gilula, Itamar Drori, Sharon Roubach, Nurit Basel, Tom Fogel and Amitai Aricha.


Entrance to the events at Mishkenot Sha’ananim is free of charge, with advance registration. | There is a fee for the tour.


Messianics, Kabbalists, and Visionaries in the Works of Hazaz