Sometimes it seems like we live in a world where everything’s been said already. The great works of literature have already been written, the iconic works of art painted, the melodies written – can we still create something truly new?

Apparently, we can.

The 'Save As' Festival seeks to trace the illusive fingerprints of influence and draw the hidden roadmap of inspiration. To show how mythical works seep into new works, and celebrate the way contemporary creators insist on producing something original, and succeed at it.


We invite you to a multidisciplinary cultural event between the boundaries of influence and inspiration.

The paths and stone courtyards of Mishkenot Sha'ananim will come to life with countless functions focusing on literature, comedy, music and dance, among other things.

Come and hear which comedian makes Liat Har Lev (Eretz Nehederet) laugh the most, get tips on inspiration from Orly Castel-Bloom, hear which musicians formed the childhood soundtrack of Gal Toren & Guy Levi (Leily), get a glimpse into the chaotic minds of the creators and performers of 'Michael', and at the end of the excursion, sit back with a drink and some music at Yael Garden.


Featuring: Liat Har Lev (Eretz Nehederet), Gal Toren & Guy Levi (Leily), Orly Castel-Bloom, the Michael ensemble (Avi Dangur, Hila Goldenberg, Meital Raz), Eli Haviv, Maya Tevet Dayan, Tal Nitzan, Shlomi Hatuka, Amichai Chasson, Elad Zeret, Shlomit Naim Naor, Orit Gidali, Maya Buenos, Mishy Harman, Lior Zalmanson, Arik Futterman, Tzachi Avinoam, Michal Ben Lior and others.


Artistic directors: Noa Melamed Vazana, Avishai Huri

A Cultural Excursion Between Inspiration and Influence