Sometimes it seems that in the world we live in everything has already been said. All the great literature has already been written, all the iconic paintings have been painted, all the melodies have been composed. And yet, many artists are still seeking to represent the voice of our time, distill a unique statement of their own, and attempt to produce works that will leave a mark even after they are gone as a sort of archeological layer that will be discovered centuries from now and testify to the fact that they were here.


We invite you to an extraordinary cultural event that will take place between the boundaries of influence and inspiration.
Come and wander around the magical corners, spaces, and hidden courtyards of the historic building of Mishkenot Sha’ananim. Visit the poetic pharmacy and get a song that will heal your heart, chat with Lior Dayan about inspiration in one of the guest rooms, take a peek into Gon Ben Ari’s inner world, find out who influenced Kutiman and Riff Cohen’s work and relax at the end of the tour with a drink and music in Gan Yael.

Don’t forget to bring a cardigan; it’s already autumn in Jerusalem.


Participants: Riff Cohen, Kutiman, Itay Mautner, Gon Ben Ari, Lior Dayan, Uzi Navon, Neta Weiner, Victoria Hanna, Avishai Huri, Noam Partom, Orian Morris, DJ Bamya, Navit Barel, Shani Poker, Emanuel Yitzchak Levi, Yaacov bitton, Roman Eisenberg, Noam Helfer, and others.


Artistic direction: David (Neo) Buhbut and Hadas Balas.


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Cultural wandering between influence and inspiration