Adi Nes

Born in 1966 in Israel.

Adi Nes is a graduate of the Department of Photography at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. In 1999, he won the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Prize, in 2000 the Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation Israeli Art Prize, and in 2003 the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s Constantiner Award for Photography. In 2005, he was selected as an outstanding artist by the Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation.

The main themes of Nes’s photographs are male identity and Israeli identity. He selects a single image from a series of staged photographs produced in a style reminiscent of film productions and has several layers: The Israeli experience; quotes from art history, Greek mythology, photography, the artist's private world, and sometimes a hidden layer of intimacy between men. So far, he has presented the series Soldiers, Boys, Prisoners, and Biblical Stories.