Deganit Brest

Born in 1949 in Israel.

Deganit Brest is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and the Pratt Institute in New York. She has won many awards, including the Minister of Education and Culture Prize in 1988 and 2005, the Sandberg Prize in 1993, and the Dizengoff Prize in 2007.

Brest works simultaneously with painting and photography as competing and complementary modes of representation in terms of the interrelationships between them and the processes of image formation, vision, and consciousness. Her gaze is turned outwards, toward the “world” and often to the “place.” She looks at nature from within culture, emphasizes the scientific and the technological, and addresses myths and the media, which comprise modes of representation and "stories" about the world that create an unstable and kaleidoscopic experience of reality.